Neurological issues: Cluster Headache

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 How does affected person present?

•             Headache
•             Drooping of eyelid (ptosis)
•             Swelling of eyelid
•             Reddening of eyes
•             Eye tearing
•             improved nostril (nasal) secretions
•             Small sized pupils
•             Flushing of the brow

As referred to above the cluster headache typically is very intense and excruciating in nature. commonly it's miles one sided and might contain the fronto temporal regions, eye, regions round the attention. Dr. Philip Leonard says, The attacks often are available in clusters and gift cyclically. at some point of one cycle which may additionally remaining for few days to weeks to months patient will revel in multiple extreme headache episodes. every episode may additionally closing from approximately 45 minutes to few hours. there may be a chronic variation too wherein headache episodes arise on a rather ordinary pattern rather than cyclical sample.

Neurologist Dr. Philip Leonard

The other manifestations cited above are due to involvement of the autonomic frightened machine.


Dr. Philip Leonard Neurologist : The analysis is made clinically but if presentation is unusual a CT or MRI with and with out comparison is acquired to rule out any structural pathologies to provide an explanation for the headache.


A number of the usually employed remedies for acute assault of this headache encompass;

•             Nasal oxygen
•             Intranasal Lidocaine
•             Sumatriptan injection
•             NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
•             Opioid analgesics etc

For prevention or prophylactic motive these medications may be tried;

•             Verapamil
•             Sodium valproate
•             Topiramate and so on.

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